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Our specialty is domestic freight and logistics. Our extensive history and long-standing relationships with service providers in the industry allow us to provide our clients with a multitude of service and price options with unparalleled pricing. We offer three types of domestic freight services: FTL, LTL, and Specialized Services.

Ofer Express is licensed, bonded, and meets or exceeds all federal DOT requirements.

Full Truck Load (FTL)

Our 20 years of intermodal transportation, logistics, and supply chain management experience enable us to coordinate your inbound as well as outbound shipments. Our extensive carrier network provides you access to thousands of motor carriers throughout the United States. We can arrange for expedited delivery from Coast to Coast as well as FTL service for local deliveries. Check out our Specialized Services below to learn more about our extensive service options.

Less Than Truck Load (LTL)

LTL shipping options include time-critical, spot trucks, volume, white-glove service, lift gates, and more. A dedicated shipping specialist will coordinate and manage your shipment from pick up to final delivery. For the best pricing on your non-specialized, dock to dock, no-frill LTL shipments, check out our LTL division (Freightrun) by calling 203-446-6468.

Specialized Freight Services

  • Contract Logistics Management – we analyze all options for you and manage all LTL and FTL for your facilty
  • Intermodal Shipments – may include any combination of air/rail/road freight services
  • Direct Door to Door transportation
  • Expedited / Time-Critical Services
  • Exhibition/Trade Show Services
  • Temperature Control
  • Chemical and Hazardous Handling “Hazmat”
  • Residential Shipping Programs
  • Storage/Warehousing
  • Over Width Over Length Over Weight Shipments
  • Types of equipment: 53ft Dry Van, Flatbed, Step decks, Hotshots, reefers, Lowboys, Straight Truck (24 ft van), Air ride, lift gates, and more

Unlike any other logistics company, we will eliminate many of the risks of importing and exporting. WE ACTUALLY WILL ACT AS THE LEGAL USA IMPORTER, WHICH SHIELDS YOU FROM USA LIABILITIES. If you export from the USA, on the other hand, WE WILL TAKE DUTY AND TAX RISK FOR YOUR BUYERS OVERSEAS IN EUROPE, AUSTRALIA, AND CERTAIN OTHER NATIONS. Also if you want us to, WE WILL ACT AS THE USA LEGAL EXPORTER, shielding you from overseas liabilities of all kinds.


We are experienced in all aspects of international logistics, having shipped to over 100 countries on 6 continents. Our hands-on approach means we “get into the details” starting at the manufacturer’s door, through customs clearance, and all the way to your doorstep. Our national, regional, and international carriers provide us with some of the industry’s most substantial discounts. Whether air or by sea, we will get handle your shipment with the attention required to assure and safe and timely arrival.

We specialize in helping small to medium overseas firms accomplish product rollouts here in the US. One aspect which makes us unique among logistics companies is that we are willing to act as the legal importer/USA distributor for your firm. We will legally import your goods into the USA and thus shield you of all USA liabilities, nuisance lawsuits, and all other associated liabilities.

We will stock your product in our warehouse and ship it out the day you need, to the client you specify with reliable carriers. We closely monitor deliveries for you and ensure that all is well. You can ship your product here in a container, or we can handle that for you. We import it for you, and then distribute it slowly as you sell it – a pallet here, a pallet there, samples here, samples there.

Our way is a much lower risk, lower resource way to enter the USA market and to not lose control. We will sign whatever document you want confirming these are your clients, etc. There are other details, but they are all handled in an easy, low-risk way for you. We have done product rollouts for many companies in the USA.

Our aim is also to build goodwill and brand awareness via our trouble-free, “customer is always right” approach to the deliveries. The clients are yours, and the upside in North America is yours.

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