Product Rollouts

Ofer Express specializes in helping small to medium overseas firms accomplish product roll outs here in the US. One aspect which makes us unique among logistics companies is that we are willing to act as the legal importer/USA distributor for your firm. We will legally import your goods into the USA and thus shield you of all USA liabilities, nuisance lawsuits, and all other associated liabilities. We will stock your product in our warehouse and ship it out the day you need, to the client you specify with reliable carriers. We will closely monitor deliveries for you and assure all is well. So you can ship your product here in a container - or we can handle that for you - we import it for you, and then distribute it slowly as you sell it - a pallet here, a pallet there, samples here, samples there. Our way is a lower risk, lower resource way to enter the USA market and to not lose control. We will sign whatever document you want confirming these are your clients, etc. There are other details, but they are all handled in an easy, low risk way for you. Ofer Express has done product rollouts for many companies in the USA, and our aim is also to build goodwill and brand awareness via a trouble free "customer is always right" approach to the deliveries. The clients are yours, and the upside in North America is yours.

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